Anytime I touch cold water with my hands I am immediately overcome with an intense sadness or a feeling of loneliness

by scott P.
(Colonial Beach VA)

ever since I can remember, whenever I submerge my hands (and it does seem to specifically revolve around my hands) in cold water I am overcome with an intense sadness, or even loneliness, as if I am catapulted into a deep dark depression that doesn't seem to have any specific focus or cause. I can't think of any trauma in my childhood that I can link to cold water so I have always figured I had a past life experience- and I'm not one to believe in that kind of thing.

I have yet to find any info on this phenomenon, nor have I read of anyone else experiencing such an unusual trigger but I was relieved to come across this website as I believe I may be suffering from a form of SPD. as far as other sensory related issues I do have a ongoing problem with being overly empathetic to others to a fault and I often feel that I am cursed by this as it has always caused me to care too much about hurting peoples feelings or causing others any problems which has lead to me being taken advantage of my whole life trying to please others by any and all means necessary no matter how much it may negatively impact my own situation, or even my family's. is this also a sign of SPD and is there a way to over come this?

additionally, I have always had an intense fear of heights, and am mildly claustrophobic.

I get INTENSE chills when imagining sliding certain textures between my teeth; namely, that shiny ribbon material that has a textured surface.

I also often have to spit certain foods out as I randomly get an intense tickling sensation throughout the roof of my mouth that usually occurs when I eay things that are sour or acidic, especially ketchup (and I LOVE ketchup!) Im not sure if there is something going on biologically or if it's a biproduct of my sensory issue.

if anyone can relate, please share with me your experience and help me finally shed some light on my ongoing experience with emotional sensory issues. feel free to email me thanks

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