Asperger Syndrome

by Ursula
(Ontario, Canada)

I just went through your checklist for adults, and a great deal of it applies to me. But it reads very much like a checklist for Asperger Syndrome, too!

I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 50, and have obviously done a lot of Asperger questionnaires.

So, why now have SPD as a separate disorder, when in general it is part of Asperger Syndrome?

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Jun 01, 2011
read this book
by: Anonymous

I suspected that I have ADD and/or Asperger's for some time. I am reading and going through the testing in the book Disconnected Kids) by Dr. Melillo. It sounds very much like this, but he gives real sensory/motor tests and exercises you can do at home to test and begin treating this.

Feb 23, 2011
Is it really Asperger's or other related disorder?
by: Anonymous

My husband was diagnosed to have Asperger's syndrome about 8 years ago. All the symptoms of Asperger's did not match his personality. Therefore I kept on searching and finally found that it is not Asperger's but Cyclothymia.

Following is some excerpts COPIED FROM THE WEB which describes a cyclothymic person. You may be able to compare the differences and come to some conclusions. Whatever it is whether Asperger's or CyclothymiA or any other, it does mean you are diagnosed with some health problem, therefore my suggestion is learn more about it and accept it, then take medications and precautions. Education is a key factor to overcoming any situation.

Hyperthymic temperament (from the Ancient Greek èõìüò for "spiritedness") is characterized by a personality style or set of personality traits that include

increased energy and productivity
short sleep patterns
vivid, active, extroverted
self assured/self confident
strong willed
extremely conversational
risk taking/sensation seeking
breaking social norms
very strong libido
low threshold for boredom
generous and spendthrift
cheerful and jovial
unusual warmth
robust and tireless
irrepressible, infectious quality

Individuals with hyperthymic temperament are often seen as strong, energetic, productive, well-respected, and are very often the leaders of the social network; the alpha. By definition, hyperthymic temperament does not have significant elements of dysfunction in mental, interpersonal, business, or social situations, and is in fact, often a benefit.

It may be beneficial to an individual but one has to consider others in your life. They see the differences and will find it difficult to interact with you. You have to help them to help you. One strong symptom that stands out is not accepting there is a problem and blaming your spouse for your shortcomings.

Feb 23, 2011
Aspergers & SPD
by: Anonymous

You're correct when you say SPD usually goes hand-in-hand with Aspergers, but it also is shown to be really relevant in other disorders. Our daughter doesn't have anything but SPD.

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