Aspergers/Autism diagnosis

Hi!Need advice. We had our 6yr old evaluated for Aspergers/Autism by a medical doctor that works with autistic children and a doctor of psychology.Both stated that our 6yr old son is not even close to having Aspergers or falling into the autism spectrum. However, he does have an anxiety disorder and social phobia which can explain his difficulties focusing in the classroom, socializing and poor performance academically.We asked about the 'hand flapping" and fixation on things and they told us that it is a form of "stimming".

We have scheduled an appointment to see a psychiatrist to help our son with this anxiety disorder and social phobia. On the other hand, we are getting him evaluated by the school and I get the feeling that the school psychologist is going to say that he might have Aspergers or might fall into the autism spectrum. I get that feeling whenever I speak to him. Who's opinion should I take?

The school does see my child every day in the school environment, but they cannot do a diagnosis. The doctors have seen him about 3 times and have tested him. Please any feedback will help. Also, We are now thinking about retaining him in the first grade. Is this good or bad? He is making progress in every category w/the exception of social skills

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May 26, 2012
The idea of SPD is changing our life
by: Anonymous

my daughter was diagnosed with adhd when she was 4, then we were told she has aspergers, now they tell me she is an extreamly high functioning aspergers and hyperactive...I met a women today who told me about SPD, and she was right, this could change our life.

My daughter has been on OT for a year, sees a number of doctors, she has to take focalin xr twice a day and two different medication so she can sleep. when i started researching SPD i cried, this is my daughter, and we can help her, and stop medication.

Find a doctor you truly trust. take their opinion and remember he is YOUR son, you know him best. And keep fighting for him.

Apr 10, 2010
Advice from a student
by: Anonymous

I am a 3rd year OT student and as I near graduation I have had more and more experience with autistic children. I also work for an OT clinic on Fridays. I think most importantly you need to start the process of advocating for your child, if he is not performing at an optimal level and his problems are interfering with his daily routine, then he is in need of intervention regardless of his diagnosis. As far as insurance is concerned, you just need a diagnosis of some condition that will justify his receiving services such as OT, PT, Speech. He may qualify for Medicaid or TEFRA, both things I would look into if you end up having to obtain therapy through a private clinic or during the summer time.

Being that he is currently in school you should take advantage of the system that is already set up for you, as these other parents have stated, and push for him to be tested for these services. The sooner the better! It is amazing the difference that can be made when problems are addressed early. It's great to see that you are on these message boards and are actively seeking your next step, as many parents in your shoes are still in denial and their children need some special attention!

If searching for a clinic, I would recommend asking them what their setup is equipped for as far as a sensory gym, which sounds like it could be beneficial from what you have said of your son's autistic characteristics. Ask how many children with SPD or Autism they treat, so you will know how proficient they are with children like him, and how they will be able to problem solve or involve him in group sessions that provide social interaction.

Best of luck with everything!

Apr 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

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Mar 22, 2010
school psychologist vs doctor of psychology/doctors/pediatrician
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback. My 6yr old does not have speech delay, but he is clumsy. He also hates wearing buttons and he has fears. He does make eye contact, understands sarcasm, empathy, very quiet boy, shy and happy. Likes to ride his back and play catch. Enjoys playing with his sibling and his cousins, but has a hard time making friends at school.

At this time, he is in a play group at school and is doing fine. It seems that he likes to be in small groups. He is smart, but at school he does not perform since his anxiety gets in the way. The doctor of psychology told us that he does not like being timed test. Our son told her a couple of times to stop giving him timed tests. Also, the psychologist asked him, "from a scale of 1-5, how stressed, anxious are you?" He said 6! The doctor of psychology and the doctor have emphasized repeatedly that he does not fall into the autism spectrum nor does he have aspergers, but the school psychologist thinks otherwise. Very confusing.

I have been told to go w/my gut feeling and to go w/the doctor's diagnosis not the school. Further, the regional center would not take him in, because he does not fit the profile of a child with aspergers/autism. Forgot to mention that the school is testing him for speech, ot, pt, autism/aspergers/spd etc.

Mar 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I disagree about holding him back. i also disagree with the experts- I would request a full educational evaluation from your school district that includes speech, OT, PT, and sensory processing or Sensory integration eval. Also request that the school screen for Autism- autism like symptoms-

Im not an expert but I do have two children and possibly a third on the spectrum- there are all different ranges of Autism- You can have Autistic behaviors without having full autism- It is called PDD-NOS basically if your child does not meet all the criteria for autism- but still has some of the criteria as listed in the DSM-IV- then it is PDD-NOS

There are other things that mimick autism too such as SPD/ADHD

My oldest was labeled "borderline R" at age 3 because she did not have speech at that point-
no she was not "R" she actually has an IQ of 121 and is AUTISTIC-

she was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 8 but back then I was told I could not get services for her through the regional centers.

If I only knew then what I know now I would have fought to get those services.

If you feel your child has autistic behaviors and needs help then keep searching for the right place to help him.
hope this helps.

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