Aspie Mom

by Tiggerr Schleicher
(St. Louis, MO)

Oh I know it's real. I found this site looking up the word proprioceptive, a word written in a psychological report done on 2 of my Aspie kids 2 years ago.

At the time, we were more concerned with getting an official assessment of their IQ to point out that their needs weren't being met at their grade school. My now 8th grade valedictorian couldn't make B honor roll at that school and his little sister whose own IQ was 138 and had loved school was now vomiting each morning and retreating along the autism spectrum to the point that she stopped speaking more than one word sentences. (oddly enough this child's first word was a sentence -- Give me chocolate--. But I digress.

After a miserable year, we found a better school and I vowed to help other parents get the appropriate education for their kids with Aspergers/ADHD. The foundation we are forming did it's first eval on my daughter, who seemed to be having some difficulties again. Our evaluation shows that Katie is doing some of her own coping methods, using the techniques that she has found to work for her. A second look at the psychological evaluation validated this. She was doing the same things then. I had dropped the ball but she picked it up.

The Schleicher Foundation, still in it's infancy phase now boasts (unpaid) staff that include a yoga instructor/educator, a massage therapist and me, a Retired RN and SPD/aspergers/adhd "patient" We prefer to think of Aspergers as the Gift of a specialized mind.

We will be referring to your web site and also referring people to your website. What an excellent resource.

Thank you
Tiggerr Schleicher

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