Attention Media... SPD is real, Lets talk about it!

by Amber Whiten
(Kingsport Tn)

Yes! My son has SPD. I have always noticed symptoms, and things with him were "just different". I always thought why is my child smelling everything? Some days I thought he was just a big baby, or that he needed extra attention. I cant believe it took 7 years to find out what was wrong with him.

Now that I know, I have questions about other behaviors. He does go to OT and I am learning more about SPD. I think their needs to be more people talking about this disorder. I don't think people understand whats going on, and why kids with SPD act the way they do. If it got half of the attention ADHD does in the media maybe more family's would know whats going on. So I say its time for the media to talk more about SPD.

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