Auditory Processing Disorder

by RFraser
(New Zealand)

Hi my daughter is 3.8 years old (3 years and 8 months). We are currently waiting for someone to see her because she is hard to understand - we understand about 85% of what she says because we are with her most of the time, but everyone else only understands about 15%. She will speak a long sentence but you wouldn't understand a word she said. She has been referred and they have said they will see her but haven't given any time frame. She has had her hearing tested 3x and every time they told us her hearing is fine. But she didn't respond to the very quiet sounds. They said it was most likely she was too engrossed in what she was doing. I think she has Auditory Processing Disorder. It all makes sense. She hates loud noises/music. She always tells us to turn the tv down or the music down, when it isn't up loud. She puts her hands over her ears. Of all the symptoms on the checklist for the Auditory Processing Dysfunction, I answered yes to all but two.

I want to know if the activities on this website are useful for children with APD? I didn't think they would help since it's an Auditory thing... what can I do for her, to improve her speech?

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