Auditory Processing Disorder.

by Helen Haddow
(Bendigo Victoria Australa)

My grandson is 6 years old. We have battled to get a proper diagnoses of his problems. I read an wonderful article about a child with auditory processing disorder along side verbal dyspraxia (unsure of correct spelling) and it was the very first time l felt we had found the problem.

He is an extremely bright little boy and his imagination and problem solving skills know no boundaries but all this is very difficult with his speech.

He was diagnosed with autism (I wish that was right as there are so many programs etc now) but his specialist said that was so my daughter in law could apply for a grant to have some one on one help for him in school which he started this year. But he also said it was very obvious he was not autistic. He agreed he had an auditory processing disorder but seemed unable to recommend anybody or anything to help.

It seems there is no help for this that is accepted at the moment and it is very very hard to explain simple concepts to a little boy that has great trouble dealing with ordinary language.
He has come a long way over the last year but it is frustrating for both him and us without any chance at the moment of help.

Thank you just for listening.

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