Auditory-Language Processing Dysfunction

by Jenny
(Sydney, Australia)

I am at a loss, I have been to many 'experts' since my son was about 1 year old, he is now 9.

I had one of those 5 hour psychological tests on him and was told he was a happy normal little boy, Had this done just before starting kindergarten.

Report suggested to teachers he was 'an extreme' visual learner, but 3 years on I have discovered no-one at school read the report!

My son has had difficulty with being bullied, but school never really took me seriously & claimed there was a lot of 'argie bargie' going on and my son caused a lot of it anyway!

I have read the checklist and found my son had some things on the Hypersensitivety to movement (under responsive), signs of Proprioceptive dysfunction, sign of Auditory dysfunction, signs of Olfactory dysfunction. But in particular he seems to tick all the boxes with Auditory-Language Dysfunction.

We have had first appointment with consultant paediatrician and two assessments for speech.
Speech reports that he is severely behind in language, etc.

So I am guessing Auditory Language, all I want to know is what to do?


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Nov 17, 2010
In the same boat
by: Krista

I understand where you're coming from. We, too, have been dealing with the same, or similar, situation with our 8 year old. This started when he was 2 and has progressively worsened throughout the last 6 years. It's enough to question your parental abilities. Last year, the psychiatrist diagnosed him with ADHD (a classic) and recommended we put him on medication. After countless psychiatric sessions and no progress with the medication, the doctor surrendered the theory that he may have misdiagnosed him. We heard about SPD about 2 weeks ago from his pediatrician and the pieces fell into place. I know it is frustrating especially when the neurological tests come back 'normal'. Just keep advocating for your child - you know them the best!

Oct 10, 2010
too long
by: Anonymous

i'm sorry it has taken so long to get a correct diagnosis. Hopefully there is a developmental pediatrition or neurologist that you are able to get a referral to. My son progressed very well when his speech therapy was supported by occupational and behavioral therapy. You need a firm diagnosis and referrals for all 3 therapies and hopefully a specialist will be able to take over his case.

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