Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder

by Vicki
(Camp Verde, AZ)

My son was diagnosed last year with autism. Now he is four years old and in preschool and I feel that all of the problems that he faces daily are all sensory related.(hair cuts, dental appts. picky eater, gag reflex, pubic restrooms, can't be wet,is always cold, has anxiety, literal, shys away from unexpected touch,doesn't transition well, very emotional, doesnt understand his or other peoples emotions, up and down activity levels ) He is very verbal. I want to help him and after finding this site I feel like I have direction. I don't feel like I was given a plan to help him with the Autism diagnosis. Could he have Sensory Processing Disorder and not autism.

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Dec 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am new to this too as my son was diagnosed with SPD around 2 years ago but until then I hadn't really heard of it. In my reading (Out of Sync Child and Raising A Sensory Smart Child) I'm learning that SPD has a large range and autism is in fact on that spectrum. So yes if your child has autism he has SPD. The two are very intertwined symptomatically. Keep reading about both and if you weren't recommended an therapist (OT) upon diagnosis I would demand one for your son. The therapist's knowledge and insight give way to amazing practical help and HOPE!
Krista in Illinois

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