Autism with SPD in Middle Age

by Christian Damian

My Logo I Made by Blowing Ink in the Nineties

My Logo I Made by Blowing Ink in the Nineties

I was diagnosed with autism as a child, and had never heard of SPD until recently; though it is not a formal diagnosis, I know I have it - although when it co exists with autism, SPD is considered part of the autistic disorder.

Since beginning a project based day program for autistic adults, I have been learning to manage the SPD: I carry a sensory stim toy - soft and rubbery, these comfort and calm, so my decomps are much fewer these days, and more easily managed.

I also always wear noise cancelling headphones as sounds supremely irritate.

I honor my need to avoid crowded, noisy and overstimulating places, and do not force myself to participate in them.

I usually travel with a support person who helps buffer the sensations of public, and, if necessary, can get me out of there, quickly! He can also help me express myself, or even act for me - though I try to do things for myself, first.

I have a timer app and use it to remind myself to take breaks, such as for the bathroom, as I do not always feel the urges to eliminate or to eat.

I sleep 10 hours a night, and do not berate myself for being "lazy". Much.

I exercise, daily, if possible. Strenuously. Helps get the aggression out. I am very aggressive and irritable.Unlike most autistics, I am very coordinated and athletic. Exercise helps.

I write about autism on
with the intent to educate with humor and honesty; this lessens my feelings of isolation, as I cannot be out with other people very much - I spend most of my time alone reading, writing and being on the internet.

So, I hope this helps you understand a little about how I, a middle aged adult, deal with Sensory Processing Disorder.

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