by Treasury
(Chicago,Illinois,United States)

My little brother is five years old and has autism. He doesn't talk and all he eats is meat and junk. How can I help him?

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Apr 26, 2009
To Treasury...
by: Anonymous

Treasury: what kind of services is your brother getting through his school? There's definitely help and resources for him/you, but if he's not getting anything, you need to be his advocate. Please don't wait on someone else - Read, research, and go after what he he getting speech services at least? Talk to the speech teacher at the school...Speech therapists are VERY helpful with what you may need, and can point you in the right direction. I'm hoping your brother has been tested by the school.

There is info out there on food issues with autism. I do know that foods with glutens are a problem - which the junk food your brother is eating, has much of. Google Temple Grandin and see what you find. She is an adult who has been a great advocate for Autism, b/c she has it, and is a national speaker and advocate for children who have been diagnosed. She has some great books out that she has authored....Try, "The Way I See It". It is a very enlightening read...

Also, if you can find an occupational therapist through the school or your medical doctor/pediatrician, local hospital or therapy center, they would be THE ones to really help you I think. You will find help if you ask, and it may take a little time, but hang in there and be patient.

Look up Carol Kranowitz's books on sensory processing disorder, like "The Out of Sync Child" and others by her.....also, Kathyrn Schneider's book called "Sensory Secrets - How to Jump Start Learning in Children" are both good resources for SPD and autism w/ the sensory issues involved.

Best wishes for your searches and your brother...he is worth it! Sue(IL)

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