Automatic Toilet is Scary and Loud

by Cara Brzezicki
(Littleton, CO US)

Flusher Blocker™️ Swirl

Flusher Blocker™️ Swirl

I know most of us have had experiences with an automatic flushing toilet. I know that they are fantastic for helping keep the nasty germs away from our hands. They are a great invention and they can be sanitary, but they can also be wasteful and very scary to young kids and even adults!

When my oldest son was potty training, we would go into the restroom and if there was an automatic toilet I knew that there was going to be a problem. My oldest son has SPD and I did not know that until he was 3. I knew that the toilet could be scary, but he would cover his ears and freak out about it. So, I would have to put toilet paper over the sensor, hold it there, help my son with his pants with one hand, put toilet paper down on the seat, all while trying to keep the toilet from flushing.

This went on for awhile and then I had an idea of a new invention to prevent this from happening. I am an inventor and I was already trying to get my other product into the world (a product to help parents and babies and toddlers), so I could not develop my idea (yet!).

Once my son was potty trained, I was almost ready to potty train my youngest son. Come to find out, he was terrified of the toilet as well! But, he does not have SPD, so I thought maybe it was all children. My youngest son was more terrified of the automatic toilet than my first son. He would not go into the restroom and choose to wet and/or poop himself instead! It was so frustrating for me, but I could tell he was just that terrified.

I decided to act on my invention and create it. Both of my sons are potty trained and they both still use my invention. When I would go into restrooms, I would hear and see other kids doing the same thing. So, I decided to create a website and offer my invention to everyone ☺️ I would love to be able to help anyone with this problem as well.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.

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