Aversion to the word "scratch" and looking at a blackboard is this SPD?

I believe that my 8yr old son may have a form of spd.

He has always had a problem with wearing socks (almost brought to tears because the seems irritate him so much). A year ago he couldn't write with his hand directly on the paper (he now uses a laminated card)6 months ago he started getting these horrible feelings in his body (as he explains, like fingernails down a blackboard, This got so bad that he couldn't get to sleep at night. His body would get all tensed up and he would look like he was having a mild epileptic fit. At this point I went to find help through natural therapies and ended up using acupuncture. This worked very well (I believe that this helped get rid of excess energy in his body.)Although this has helped with fits he now cant look at a blackboard or hear the word "scratch" without getting those bad feelings.

I can not find any information about these symptoms. Has anyone out there come across this? And can I get some advice of how to help my son.

Concerned mum

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