Baby rocks and pulls her hair and eats it

by Rachel
(Dickson, Tn)

My daughter is one year old, from the time she was able to sit up she has rocked, whether she's playing with her toys, sitting in her high hair eating, and really just practically all through out the day, but she rocks with so much force that she moves the couch or chair. Her father also does this nonstop and says he has as far as he can remember,he also repeats everything he says back to himself four or five times before he stops, but he has never went to doctor about these issues...

Our daughter has also started pulling her hair and will eat hair. She not only eats her hair, she'll also will eat any hair that she finds... I have three other daughters that have never done any of these things... If anyone has any information about why she does these things I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Rachel

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