Baggy Clothes Only

by jo
(Somerville, NJ, USA)

I am just learning about SPD and wonder if my life-long discomfort with snug (or even semi-snug) clothing can be attributed to this. The feeling of pants or jeans hugging my legs is so distracting that I am barely able to concentrate on anything else.

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Apr 13, 2009
Why are tight clothes popular anyway?
by: Jennifer

I've also had a lot of trouble with tight clothes. When I was a kid I refused to wear anything but sweats, because jeans were so uncomfortable, and even now I hate tight clothing. (Luckily I figured out that you could buy baggy jeans that still look good in the guy's section of the store, because if I had to go with the tight hip-hugger stuff they're selling for girls right now I'd still be wearing sweats.) SPD could certainly be part of it for you as well.

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