Barbies, anyone?

by Lisa
(Naperville, IL)

I stopped by a garage sale with my then 6yr old SPD daughter. They had a huge collection of beautiful Barbies, the ones in the special designer collector packages that are absolutely gorgeous.

I told my daughter that she could pick any 1 thing she wanted at the garage sale.

After she's done looking around, she comes back to tell me what she wants. Of course, I'm thinking she's going to pick one of the Barbies, but no, she dug through other bins and comes back with a set of ankle weights. I attempted to influence her to select one of the Barbies, but she insisted on the ankle weights (which were actually priced much lower than the Barbies).

I learned my lesson that day - a sensory kid prefers weights, slimy squishy toys and super tight/fuzzy clothes.

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