Barometric pressure and SPD

Is there any research relating to the effects of barometric pressure on kids with spd?

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Oct 07, 2017
I believe it does
by: Kenneth Schauer

I can't speak for children however I am a 55 year old male with ASD and severe sensory sensitivity. I can't even stand for cool air to blow across my skin without my medications. It makes me feel like I want to tear my skin off to make it stop.

As for barometric pressure it makes my cognitive fog worse as it feels like the pressure is going to make my head implode and (Here is where it gets weird) It affects my vision as I can actually see fluctuations from the colder air from the low pressure. i.e. When I throw the tennis ball for my dog or see a bird fly by I can see the disturbance in the air from the motion.

This phenomena does not occur in my vision during nice sunny or partly cloudy days.

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