Bath Time And Dress Time Nightmare Every Night


My two year old daughter, dislikes it when i wash her hair, wash her body, rub cream on after ive bather her and dislikes getting dressed.

She screams and cries through the whole process. Dont get me wrong she likes bathing but when it comes to the above its a nightmare.

Doesnt event like getting dressed in the morning.

Would you call this tactile defensiveness?

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Jul 10, 2013
by: m, frm scotland

my 9 yr old , when he was a baby, cried when his older brother swung him back in his pram, screamed the place down, when havn hair washed would cry and cry it was sore. Haircuts where terrible along with brushing his teeth.
Now he describes it as pain, we persaveird, and now he does all of the above , a little moaning but now i,d say hes pretty used to it.
He was terrible with a shirt and tie for school, we got round this by buying larger collared shirts, then no probs.
Their is always a way round problems when you find out what exactly the problem is.
Find out is it the water on your childs face,hair what exactly it is, do u have trouble brushing hair?? etc

Good luck,


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