Bath tub nightmare

by mimi

My son around the age of three, started showing signs of tactile defensiveness, when I placed him in the bath, he would scream as if I was stabbing him. I would try to pour water over his head to rinse soap out, he would scream at the top of his lungs.

The sticky hands with honey, finger painting or other activities made him upset.

I finally sought out help with a wonderful OT. She began brushing regime with him, weighted backpacks, Many OT therapies transformed my son into a more happy and less upset guy. He still has some tantrums but OT and A play Therapist (who helped to channel the aggressive behavior) was invaluable to my son.

I highly recommend that as soon as you see your child struggling, to get the help immediately.

My son goes to a small private school, he is doing very well. His reading level is fantastic, math skills are great.

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Jul 09, 2013
Bath time and dress time nightmare
by: Lolly

My daughter does the same when i wash her hair, wash her with a cloth and soap, rub cream on eher body and put her cloths on.
Even screams and cries when i blow dry her hair in winter
What would one call this?

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