Bathroom Habits

by Andi
(Atlanta, GA)

My 5-yr old son has to take all of his clothes off every time he has a bowel movement.

He would rather soil himself fighting urgently with his clothing that just get on the toilet with clothes on. He doesn't take his clothes off any other time, and has not been identified as having any tactile issues.

Could this be part of his SPD?

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Maybe, maybe not...
by: Anonymous

I have a son with mild sensory issues. he too takes off his clothing when it's time to sit on the toilet for a BM. he has done this for as long as i can remember.

He is now at the age that he is able to vocalize more how he is feeling and what things are bothering him. when i've asked him why he does this, he has responded a couple of different things. he's worried about getting his clothes 'dirty'. he doesn't like the feel of the clothes on his skin while he's trying to go potty. and he's also told me, the clothes make him hot.

Anyway, i'm not saying that your son does have spd. but i've seen similar behavior in my son, who does have spd. do you have other concerns? or things that seem different about him? have you looked that the checklist/symptoms on this website? does he seem to have other tactile issues? over sensitivities or under sensitivities?

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