We are experiencing extreme behavior issues at home but also in the classroom. She is in Kindergarten (we home-schooled last year but wanted her to have more structure and make friends). She started off a little rough, but started doing really well recently. But lately she's gotten much worse - refuses to do her work, tearing up her paper, running around the room. She is so smart but won't cooperate.

The school is getting fed up and is blaming us for not supporting them. They think we spoil her and so we are sabotaging any discipline they try to use in the classroom. I don't think they fully get SPD and how difficult it is for all of us and we're all just barely holding it together. We have an IEP and a part-time aide. They don't want to do a full-time aide because they want her to gain independence. However we think it would be nice for her to be able to connect with someone from the time she comes in until when she leaves.

Any advice anyone has on how to make things better at school would be appreciated.

Does anyone have OT on-site at school as part of the school day/week? She has her regular OT, but we thought maybe that it might help her decompress to have it at school too when she's getting out of hand.

Also, we're thinking of having a behavioral specialist come and observe. Does anyone use a behavioral specialist?

We don't know what to do!! Thank you for your help.

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Feb 17, 2010
Sounds like my story!
by: Anonymous

Your story sounds similar to my own: 5 1/2 year old boy in Kindergarten (1/2 day); behavioral issues, but very smart; we are struggling with school. Our child currently has a 504 with a list of accommodations; however, we are pursing an IEP (against my better judgment). Remember, an IEP is specific to Learning Disabilities, and SPD is not a Learning Disability!! We have an OT at school on a very short term basis, who has provided a list of "sensory strategies" to the teacher, yet this is being ignored. I do not know what an IEP will offer with regards to OT services throughout the school day. School believes he needs an Aide; I do not. I believe the teacher needs to "meet his needs" through the 504 Accommodations, thereby lessening the behaviors. School says the Accommodations are not very effective, yet I do not see them meeting the Accommodations.

I am continuously educating myself on the topic (going to a Special Ed meeting tonight!), as this is one kid is 400 they deal with in a day, but to me, he is the only kid!!!! I am his only Advocate, as you are your child's Advocate. Fight, Fight, Fight! We have got to get the school to (1) know what SPD is, and how they can prevent behaviors with simple interventions, and (2) change their perspective from them, to what they can do for our children! Get as much material on SPD you can get your hands on, and give it to the teacher & principal. Books, DVD's, PowerPoints, names of speakers who in-service school personnel of SPD, anything & everything.

Keep in touch---we are each other's support in this!

Feb 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

My 6 yo has similar problems but does not have an IEP. I do teach special education so I do have some insight I can share. As far as a full time aide I can see your side but I can also understand what the school is saying. You want her to learn independence and a full time aide is fostering dependence. Also in my school district not many students get their own full time aide. They usually just don't want to spend the money. As far as OT on site, the answer is sorta. My school district contracts with an outside company to come in and provide services to students who qualify. Not many qualify although your child having an IEP might make a difference. Most of the time they provide suggestions to the teacher or possibly aide. They visit usually once a week for just a few minutes, @ 15 and that is it.

We tried to get my son OT help through the school last year but hated the lengthy process. They gave the teacher suggestions and that was that. We finally just went with outside therapy. You also have the difference between the school model and medical model of OT.

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