Behaviour management

by Khushbu Patel


I work in a daycare nursery where I have child who is very aggressive.His parents have found child got sensory disorder.In this case he spends morning in nursery and rest of the day with nanny.

When he is in a nursery he pulls his friends hair a lot.He doesn't want to play in a group .....sometimes he will play but than suddenly he will hit child with anything.Such as poking sharp things in a eye,scratch on face.

As a nursery nurse I know he is very brilliant child his speech is very good.He know his numbers and some letters as well............He likes computer games.

Also if he is in line he would go mad .Hw is just scared of story We are going for a bear hunt.He will listen if you say do you want to watch bear hunt?//I know it is not fare to handle his behaviour but he hits teachers as well.

I am looking for some help where you can suggest how to plan activity to mange his behaviour and help to calm him down.



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