Biting clothes

by Robin

My 4 year old son who has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum high functioning has been biting his clothes. Not sure if it is a sensory issue, anxiety or legitimate teething perhaps molars coming through

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Jul 19, 2012
biting clothes
by: marjory scotland uk

hi my 8yr old also has autism and high functioning if their is such a thing. He has aspergers. It will not be molars coming through as they will have erupted by now. I am a dental nurse.

In my experience, chewing clothes will prob be anxiety, or excitement. Look when this next happens, we have seen it all , watch and look whats going on when this happens. I was advised to ignore this and try; if hands shake with excitement, they usually are not even aware they are doing this, get them to hold a bottle for instance or hold a hand if you are out.
you will get that you know them inside out. My son,s anxiety is terrible at the beginning of school term or at the end. He hates the unknown, ie;sports days, christmas shows etc.
Rules and regulations are the best, they know whats expected.

Good luck and find out as much as you can, and usually their are other problems that come with autism, some dont show till they are a little older. I dont mean to scare you, i only wish someone had told me. Temple Grandin Thinking in Pictures is a GREAT book.

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