Biting other children

by Suzanne
(Greenville, SC)

My 2 year old grand son aggressively takes toys away from his 14 month old sibling as well as pushes him and has bitten him. Do you have any suggestions as to how to stop this behavior?

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Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

know that this is typical behavior for this age. children at the age of 2 do not have verbal skills to address their issues or needs (and this is often the case with boys). and so they act out in biting, hitting, tantrums, etc. some of this very well may be sibling jealously and rivalry as well.

it is important though to remain calm when it happens because at age 2 they feed off of reactions whether they be positive or negative, it's still attention.

continue to let the child know that biting (and the like) are not okay. when my son was in this stage, every time he bit or hit, i isolated him (for a few minutes each time) into the empty port-a-crib back by the laundry room with no access to entertainment or attention from anyone. it's probably a stage he will outgrown, keep an eye on it for sure.

also, a book that i have found to be helpful with issues and disciplining ideas is called, 1 2 3 magic. perhaps that would have some ideas for you. good luck.

Jul 21, 2011
ABA therapy
by: Debbie

Order a book on ABA therapy from Amazon. My daughter has all the books so I can't give you a specific title. It is not too early to start.

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