I Have 3 yr old child with (SID). He has received OT, at a Sensory gym, as well as speech for over a year and has had a special instruction teacher for about 6 months. So while I was told he had this, I really didn't understand what was going on with him. Now, he has been biting,me, in particular and some times my husband, a lot! I have tried to discipline him several ways. But it seems nothing works. He usually bites when he doesn't get what he wants, he has to make a transition or just because he feels like He does this especially when I put him to bed. I have to explain that I sleep with him because he does not have his own bed.

So, I think this is a major contributor to the biting. As soon as we get to bed, he sometimes starts biting and attacking me really. He laughs when he does it. I don't laugh, I say no to the biting and he still does it! So, I need to know if anyone has any advice on what to do. His OT Therapist says to give him a biting ring when he wants to bite and once I tell him not to bite, to leave it alone. Not to bring too much attention to it. So, please any advice???

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Aug 25, 2012
Sensory Biting and prevention
by: Anonymous

Ok... so my son is 4.5 years old and he bites. It seems he bites when he is not stimulated enough. Usually when his routine changes and when school goes on break. He his hearing impaired and I thought for awhile he was biting because of the lack of language. But, now that he has language he still bites. Currently, he usually only bites my 2 year old daughter. And he will bite so hard out of nowhere. He has bitten her face and all over her body, to the point he almost bites her skin off. I don't know what to do. This biting started as soon as he had teeth and I thought it would have ended by now. His teachers at school think he has a sensory issue because along with biting he always has a need to push and squeeze things really hard. I had him evaluated by an OT and she said he is fine. But, when he does this, I don't know how to get him to stop or redirect him. If anyone can help and offer suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Jan 03, 2012
sounds like a behavioral issue
by: Anonymous

in my opinion this sounds like more of a behavioral problem then a sensory problem. only because my three old has spd and has the biting issue, when he bites it is to either calm or to feel sensation but it is only on his hand, blankets, and shirts and is not aware he is doing this. biting others and laughing or doing it when he is upset is his way to get the point across he is mad but that is my opinion. my son actually starting using a chewing toy and if we notice he is biting we remind him of the toy that is in his pocket and he either stops biting or grabs the toy. yes we want to stop the biting all together but it is one step at a time. his right hand is severely scarred due to the biting because he is hyposensitive it is difficult for him to regulate the pain. i really hope this mom and son are able to find something that helps everyone!

Mar 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

My son was a massive bitter and spitter. We tried everything until his behavioral therapist came up with "the corner" we could never do a time out because my son would just run off, and so placing him the corner with one of us standing in front of him (facing outward) has really helped. We usually make him stay in the corner for ten seconds and ask if he is finished, if he is still aggressive we do another ten seconds and so on. There has to be no hesitation in going to the corner and very little talking. When we are finished all we do is say that we want nice behavior.

I don't really agree with biting ring because at the end of the day you want to eliminate all biting. If you haven't already, try the corner and give it a couple of weeks. It does not work overnight, you have to be consistent and you may find yourself doing it at first twenty times a day but it really worked for us.
Good luck!

Jan 10, 2011
Something to bite on?
by: Colleen Devlin

Have you considered getting him something to bite on that is OK? Biting might be calming to him. My OT told me about these things called Chewy Tubes/Chewy sticks. I have not tried them yet. Here is the link:


Oct 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

So it seems like he does this when he needs to calm himself down, mostly, like bed time...
OK, you need to see what other types of things will calm him besides biting.
Obviously, its intense for him
Funny, but i bite my kids, i used to alot more, but the they would say "stop,or 'your hurting me?, This is a revelation to me as i write, woah..........Holy cow!!!
I also, realized a few months ago because of my kids, im a HUGE sensory seeker, OMG
I hurt people when i hug them, im 47 yrs. old, and a making amazing discoveries, and now have explanations, LOL LOL
Funny for me, not to those i hurt, LOL
BUT, now i realize this, FINALLY AT 47!!!!
IM an ADHD kid still as well at 47, OMG
This is so crazy....
I need to push, shove, hit, smack, but i do it all in a loving way, thats how i feel when i do it, im loving someone to the end of the earth, but i constantly hurt people, im getting better though, because im learning....
Either that, or they tell me i cant hug them anymore, LOL LOL
Or be gentle.... LOL
I started doing karate, and WOW, i get so much sensory input, its GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also do my forms at night when my kids are asleep, and i punch and kick to practice, now i know why i feel better and sleep better at night, LOL
He needs an activity that will provide as much sensory in put as he needs for a class, and he needs to do it at home for practice..
Do you have all the sensory things, trampoline, swing, ball, etc.
If not , you NEED them,
Good luck with all, God Bless you and your family, Kim

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