Blind mom with a SPD son

Hello, I have a nine year old that was diagnosed with ADHD. I believe he rather has SPD. I had him assessed by different types of therapist since about 1 1/2 (out a lot of money), and no one told me about this. His stimulant meds have never worked. I am so very frustrated. Is the therapy everlasting? My son doesn't finish his work at school. Can this be part of the disorder? I am blind. Would I need vision to adequately continue his prescribed therapy at home? Thanks for any input.

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You can do it
by: Anonymous

Therapy with an occupational therapist usually does not last forever. Many of the things done can be done at home. I am not blind so I do not know for certain that you could do them on your own, but I would guess that you could. Therapy such as brushing requires using your sense of touch more than anything else. If you could find an OT they would most likely help you to work with your child. They can be great support! Sounds like you've been through alot. I wish you the best of luck!

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