Bras and other tween issues

by Kathy

My daughter has not worn underwear in years, only wears clothing that is very loose, soft and stretched out. She is now at a stage where she really needs to wear a bra but hates anything tight or touching her skin, so even a cami or shelf bra is difficult. So, any suggestions would be very welcome.

Moving on to the next thing I need to prepare for is her period. She hasn't worn underwear in years so I have no idea what I will do. She only wears pajama shorts which are loose around the crotch and hang down, so that won't work.

Suggestions?? Ideas?? We tried Thinx....she hated them.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Mar 25, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hi, My daughter is also a bra/underwear free girl and dread the upcoming battle with menstruation.

Did you find a happy solution for your daughter?

Apr 24, 2017
Some ideas.
by: Anonymous

She could try camisoles in a fabric that is comfortable against her skin. The main issue with going braless is modesty, it is very possible to leave breasts unsupported. So as long as her top of choice is not too sheer she should be fine.

As for menstruation, you could look into the use of moon or diva cups which don't require underwear. It's hard to know if the feeling of inserting the silicone cup would be uncomfortable or if using menstrual pads and having wetness against the skin would be worse.

You could also look up free flow... I have no idea how it works but some people don't use anything!

If it's all too distressing you could consider using oral contraceptives to prevent a menstrual bleed entirely. I am not sure if that would be desirable or comfortable for you but it's certainly possible. You skip the 4-5 days of sugar pills and the menstrual bleed doesn't happen.

Good luck.

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