Brushing failed...

by Worried Mom
(Charlotte, NC)

My son is 9 & his OT's suggested the brushing protocol (a modified version since he's in school)3-4 x a day and it has seemed to backfire on us. He is now overstimulated and EVERYTHING is bothering him. We've stopped bushing but our bedtime routine is just AWFUL. He gets so worked up from everything bothering him (from his bedding, clothes, to itching eyes/nose/skin and now new fears of night time, crying, screaming) I'm really not sure what to do for him & our OT's haven't offered us any solutions past our normal weekly visits??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Apr 22, 2016
Deep Pressure
by: CM - OT Student

I agree with the previous comment. When tactile is an issue, use deep pressure. Proprioceptive input generally trumps tactile input, or so I have been told.

Aug 23, 2014
brushing failed...
by: Antoinette


I'm not an OT. Brushing didn't work for my son, he was over anxious at bed time, wouldn't settle, sleep on his own, doesn't like anything touching his skin etc. His OT did brushing at first but stopped it as he wasn't responding to it as she would've liked. Deep pressure worked for him as he was very insecure and needed the extra comfort. So every night I gave him a body rub, just a firm rub on his back, arms and legs, and gave him deep pressure on his back, arms and legs, it made him settle very quickly, and fall asleep quite easily. He doesn't like weighted blankets either it's too overwhelming for him, giving the opposite effect.

He is now 7yrs old and he doesn't crave deep pressure like he used too, and he doesn't need brushing.

Hope you can help your son to settle.

Kind regards,

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