Build the Hunger!

by Crystal
(Onalaska, WI, USA)

I know this may sound just like common sense, but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway. Our son is just about 3 yrs old. with SI disorder and is a VERY picky eater! He basically just wants to eat bread, cookies, or very salty crackers and he loves to drink juice! His bowel movements are usually looser because of his diet and having diarrhea bouts are very common with our child. I recently cut his juice intake way back throughout the day, (even though I did water it down quite a bit)(about 4-6 cups/day) and cut down on snacks throughout the morning and afternoon.

When I want him to eat, or try something new to eat, I cut snacks out of the routine completely and cut way back on liquids. I try to do this daily so I can get him to eat a full meal when its time to, other than just crackers and maybe one grape! I'm lucky if I can get a piece of cheese into the kid most days! What I find when I really cut back on his snack/liquid intake , he is much much more willing to try something new to eat at mealtimes because he has built up a hunger for it. This is really about the only way I can get our son to eat a good meal each day. Maybe its just plain common sense, but maybe this helps someone. Just wanted to throw it out there, either way. Good luck!

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