Came to this site about my child but realize I may have this issue too

I am super annoyed with crowded places and busy noises. It totally stresses me out. Too many people stress me out because i feel like i cant tune any of it out. it like overloads my brain and gives me anxiety because i cant focus. I avoid going to the movie theater because i cant stand the sound of people chomping popcorn. I only wear clothes that are comfortable. Do not like too tight of clothing or clothes that do not allow me to bend and move. I am very impatient and I am a "rocker". If i am standing I sway from side to side.

As a child I rocked myself to sleep. At night, my foot is always moving until i fall asleep. I get anxiety attacks and I had Bulimia for 10 years. I love spicy hot food and do not like things that are bland. i have a hard time making decisions and i have anger issues. I get super high and super low at times. I get frequent panic attacks the older i get. anyway, its strange because i came here to see why my son has so many issues with clothing textures and pickyness and now i see why. because of me! ugh. its funny how you cant see things in yourself sometimes. i never even heard of this disorder but it really describes my son and I.

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Feb 01, 2012
You're not alone!
by: Anonymous

You're not the only one that has done that! I did the same thing! Im a 37 year old mom who, like you, was looking for answers for her son. After finding out more about SPD, realized I have some of the same issues too, though not nearly as bad as my son does. I too get stressed in crowds, Im also a "rocker" and foot bouncer, and am constantly seeking things for my hands to rub or fidget with. But most of my challenges range more in the vestibular areas...running into things all the time, tripping and falling over nothing, dropping and knocking things over...its very frustrating. Mostly I just always felt so stupid because I was such a klutz.

The clincher though, was catching myself flapping my hands when I get really upset or frustrated! I asked my mom about it one day and she said I've always done that, but she never thought much about it. So there ya go! I bet there are lots of adults realizing the same thing, since this is a relatively new diagnosis that was not even known when we were growing up. Though most of us, as adults, have learned to compensate for many of our challenges, I still think many could benefit from help from a therapist specializing in SPD and associated mental health issues. Personally, I think it also gives us a unique advantage to be able to understand and help our children with their challenges. Best wishes!

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