Can a child have a normal life with ASD and SPD

by Andrea Yates
(Liverpool, England)

I have a ten-year-old daughter right now is waiting to be assessed

for Asperger Syndrome. It has taken the doctors nearly 9 years to
listen to me. It was on the 8th September 2014 when one of the doctors noticed that my daughter never showed any eye contact at all. However, I was asked many questions regarding food, sensory, socialising. Then the doctor said there are problems with her
communication, social difficulties and may'be learning difficulties. The next I had spoken to my daughter had of senco, she said that Manisha has got Asperger Syndrome not learning difficulties. She then went on saying have I ever heard of SPD I said no. Then she explained whar it was and gave me some information about. That's when I knew there was something with my daughter.

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