Can someone explain these results to me?


My son is 5, and was diagnosed a couple months ago with SPD. He had his profile done, but we're still waiting to start OT, and to get the results from them. In the meantime, I was sent the link to the scoring key, and here are his results:

Sensory Processing -

Auditory Processing: definite more

Visual Processing: probable more

Vestibular Processing: definite more

Tactile Processing - definite more

Multisensory Processing: probable more

Oral Processing: probable more

Sensory Processing related to Endurance/Tone: probable more

Modulation of Movement Affecting Activity Level: definite more

Modulation of Visual Input Affecting Emotional Responses and Activity Level: probable more

Emotional/Social Responses: probable more

Then, the 9 Classifications -

Sensory Seeking: probable more

Emotionally Reactive: probable more

Low Endurance/Tone: probable more

Oral Sensitivity: probable more

Inattention/Distractibility: definite more

Sedentary: definite more

Finally, the 4 Quadrants -

Registration: definite more

Seeking: definite more

Sensitivity: definite more

Avoiding: definite more

So... what does all of this mean? It sure seems he has a lot of areas that are problems. What's the difference between the sensory processing scores, the classification scores and the quadrants? As in the classification scores it says "Sensory Seeking - probable more", but then the quadrant scores him as definite more sensory seeking - and how can you be seeking and avoiding at the same time?

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