Can SPD interfere with socialization?

My Son is 25 months old. His speech therapist and OT suspect he has SPD ( sensory seeking). He frequently runs along furniture, or squeezes between two chairs, rubs toys on his body, runs and crashes into things, etc. Anyway, I have seen him be social at times but he usually tends to keep to himself while at daycare. He is affectionate, understands many things, is only mildly speech delayed (can say about 200 words, just isn't stringing them along real well yet). I'm scared to death of Autism! I was just wondering from someone with experience if that once the SPD becomes more manageable does socialization pick up?

Thanks so much for any help!

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Jul 07, 2013
RE SPD interefere with socialization
by: Lyn (Philippines)

Hello. My son just turned three this July 4. He has feeding issues. Actually it is more than just an issue. We are struggling with his eating behavior etc. Until now. I have begged his OT to help me. So far for 2 months now, nothing significant has happened yet. I think you have to consult with a Developmental Pedia. Dev Ped consultations in the Philippines are very expensive. But at least whether your child has autism or not will be determined by the Dev. Ped. My son has autism. It is really painful for us but acceptance is very important. We accepted our son and his limitations. We are amazed at his development in other areas of learning also. Good luck. Hang in there.

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