Can this be diagnosed in a 17 year old?

by Pamela
(Bloomington, IL, USA)

I have a 17 year old son, who fits a lot of this.

I don't believe he is problematic but if I could help make his life better, especially in the way of making friends and connections with others, outside our little family, I would want to do that.

My question comes after my preemie 2 y/o granddaughter was just diagnosed with this.
In the report daughter received back, also stated Dr's believed both my daughter and her husband has/had this as well.

So I believe this is a valid question, which is;
Is it only diagnosable in babies or toddlers?
How would a 17 year old be tested for diagnosis?
What happens if he does have it?
Can anything be done?
What are the types of therapy available to Dr's to use for a 17 y/o boy?

Thank you so very much!

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