Can you stop and start the brushing program

by annon
(nsw Australia )

I have a son with Sensory processing disorder and started the brushing program last year, we did the initial program and brushed regularly.

Initially we have some negative behavioural side effects such as him going back to pooing his pants each day. However after a while all things got better and he was starting to engage better and was fully toilet trained again, we slowly weened off the brushing program as things improved .

Over the last month he has become very spacey and is not recognising people or activities he once did. We thought we should start brushing again and after one session he had no control of the bowels again. Im not sure weather or not to continue or to stop.

It has co encided with him waking each night for a long period and not sleeping well. He is 5 and has some other health issues with his eyesight . I have not been able to see the OT for a while , just hoping someone has some insight into what we can try.

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