Can't bear getting touched by anyone. Seeking advice!

by Khloe
(United Kingdom)

I am so thankful for this website on the amount of info it fed me, I have just found out about the term of 'sensory processing disorder' after searching online about my issue.

I'm a 19 year old teenager with a severe issue on touching. I can't bear any kind of touch from anyone on almost every part of my body. I have had this issue for many years, as I remember in my childhood I was known for being extremely ticklish, then when growing older I started to realise how extreme my issue is, or at least that's how I perceive it to be, seeing from how it's affecting my every day life and the worries I'm getting from it.

I find it very depressing sometimes for being abnormal to others when not bearing someone laying their head on my lap, or a gentle touch for a second or even less.

Sometimes, I feel even the top I'm wearing can get quite irritating on my skin. When touched I have an automatic reaction of defending myself from what feels like an attack not a touch even if it was an accident.

It gets very awkward, when it happens with someone who doesn't know me well. I can't control myself from reacting like this. It's like a sudden shock, fright and an attack all at the same time and I don't know what are the causes to this.

Sometimes I react to very little things and when I try not to give any reaction, I endure for few seconds then I can't bear anymore.
I am also really scared of having this issue affecting my intimate relationship with my partner.

It' quite comforting hearing similar stories to mine, but I really feel it's time to look for a solution to this issue.
I got advised on checking with a hypnotherapist but I still didn't take any action yet, I'm not sure who to seek help from.

Ps. It would be SO lovely and more comforting if you could share with me a story like mine, or telling me ways I could get over this and live my life normally without any fears.

Thank you in advance x

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Aug 29, 2015
Wife/Mom with sensory issues
by: Anonymous

I didn't really have this problem until I reached my mid 40's. I'm 51 and can't stand to be hugged hard or for long periods of time. This includes my husband, kids and family. I don't like to cuddle and it's gotten to the point that my husband can only rest his hand on mine and not squeeze it, I feel like there's a weight on my hand. B I feel bad for my kids. My son has Aspergers and has boundry issues were he gets up in my face and my daughter has bipolar and anxiety, so she thrives on a lot of hugs and kisses. I wish I didn't have this feeling.

Aug 20, 2014
hate touch
by: Anonymous

I feel exactly the same!I would squirm in my moms arms.She couldnt understand why I was untouchable.I am now married but find touching incredibly gross.

If my hubby must touch me it must be like a hard foot massage,or scraping me with a brush never soft feathery stuff,that freaks me out!
No-one in my family was ever allowed to touch me.Couldnt even sit next to someone with their skin touching mine.

Birthdays were nightmares! I in my bedroom coz I didnt want kisses & hugs from anyone.
I have grown to tolerate certain touch as Ive aged & understand it.But in general I avoid any hugging & hand shaking.

Im glad to know Im not alone in this difficult situation.

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