Cant get answers

by Ann

Hi my daughter age 15yrs, has a diagnosis of ADD,GAD she is extremely clumsy. She takes Ritalin and this seems to help her with falling, tripping, breaking, dropping. When she stops medication even if its for one day the clumsiness comes back very bad and she has found herself in dangerous situations or has caused serious injury to herself.

She also has low muscle tone, she has trouble with her 3 D vision but not serious. she is also double jointed (hyper-mobile)?

She always had a problem with listening, answering to her name, when she was 7 she had grommets inserted at the time the surgeon felt that there wasn't a lot of fluid in her ears.

She has played sport, and dancing since she was very young even though she would have been behind her peers when younger she now is as good as them. she very determined wondering if this would help!

I am not sure if its a balance problem, her brother is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also has a lot of sensory issues and autistic traits?

I don't want her to keep taking medication, but she gets upset about stopping it because it helps with falling which she is embarrassed about. I only wanted to use meds short term to help with concentration etc.

I suspected dyspraxia but the OT rule this out twice, she feels my daughter ticks a lot of boxes but no enough to give it a label, she feels it to do with depth perception and when my daughter is not paying attention.

As her mother I feel there is something but not sure what!


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Sep 19, 2011
Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity
by: Intellidepth

Worth checking out Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity for the vision issues. My son has 20/20 vision, is visually gifted, had seen multiple eye/psych specialists, but not until seen at an Irlen Centre was he diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity. Coloured lenses custom-sprayed on clear glasses made a massive difference to his 'co-ordination', movement in space, ability to read etc - everything related to vision improved dramatically. We didn't know until then that everything he saw moved/vibrated/doubled slightly, had white neon halos around it, black dots in holes in letters - all sorts of stuff. Planes looked like their trajectory was a series of horizontal spirals, not a flowing line. All gone with the correct shade of Irlen lenses. He also has ADD and sensory processing issues along with other things. Ritalin helps with the fine motor stuff a bit, but the glasses helped far more for his co-ordination. Worth a look. Google it.

Aug 30, 2011
by: Ann

Hi Anonymous
My daughter has had speech and language assessment and the therapist said she doesn't have Non Verbal Learning Disorder she does have receptive language difficulties. She is a visual learner, and plays sports that why I not sure about depth perception.

Its very confusing!

Aug 29, 2011
check out n v ld
by: Anonymous

I don't have all your info, of course, but one of my daughters issues has been the clumsiness also. Always seems to be bumping into people, walls etc. Just found out among other issues, she also has Non Verbal Learning Disorder where kids are more verbal and less visual leading to clumsiness and getting lost easy, not knowing where they are and so on. Some of definitions talk about highly verbal kids with advanced language, but that isn;t always the case. In my daughter's situation she didn't score great in verbal area, just better than in visual testing which gave her the NV LD label but it is just another area that you could look at and see if something like that could be a contributing factor. Good luck! :)

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