Can't stand the feeling of paper, help

by Capri

Hi, my name is Capri, I have been struggling with a touch sensory processing issue for about 5ish years. I cannot stand the feeling of paper, it makes me feel physically nauseated.

I get alot of anxiety and chills similar to that of nails on a chalk board when my skin is in contact with it, the issue is sometimes auditory the sound of turning pages causes me just as much anxiety. The feeling is very intense and to some extent has prevented me from doing well in my classes. It seems to get worse each year.

I've tried wearing latex gloves to prevent the "chills" but I feel as if the disadvantages of wearing them over way the benefits.

Some disadvantages are:

*Makes it difficult to write efficiently (which causes hand pain)

* doesn't prevent the auditory chills I still get from paper

* Can cause people to stare which makes me uncomfortable

I have also tried placing a clear plastic sheet in front of the paper, so my arm doesn't rest on it. But again, the cons out way the pros. I have also talked to my Councillor about it, but she can't seem to find a solution either.

I hope this all makes sense, but I just feel really hopeless and trapped. I can't seem to find a solution for my problem, and with school starting soon I'm beginning to get very stressed, and I feel as if I could actually enjoy school without having to worry about this.

I don't want to make this too long but If anyone knows of some sort of solution to this i'd be so very grateful to hear it! Thanks.

-Sincerely, Capri

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