Captain Oblivious

by Angus

Got sober 2 years ago, got divorced 2 weeks ago, and now this. Ex called me rainman for the entirety of the relationship. Decided to finally look into it, and these tests are like my own unofficial weekly checklist.

Although, despite mostly 5's on my checklist, I cannot find what to do with the score. Is high good/bad in any of the categories? Low? A bit frustrating to make it all the way through the questions, only to discover no directions for the score and no reference.

Do I get a 5 for this detail being overlooked causing me great frustration and anger? I'll look it over again.

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Nov 29, 2022
by: Vanessa

I had the same frustration getting to the end of the list with no answers.

Aug 22, 2022
by: Anonymous

Bring test and results to your primary doc. They can refer you. Since I don't know the test questions I can only assume they are neuro related and you may get referred to a neuro, but start with the PCP

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