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My daughter is nine in October we live in england, she has been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and autism, but when I read all this about sensory processing disorder it make more sense than asd, the advisory unit for our local area said my daughter is not classic asd and is very intelligent, i am puzzled how a professional can tell a parent such things?

I just wanted to say to you all out there struggling, fighting, going round in circles and the endless worry and stress this puts on you and the rest of your family, seek out help endlessly, and endlessly research read and be detectives in your childs behaviour, I note the little things that so often go overlooked because its much harder to see the symptoms in girls because they have coping mechanisms built in to survive in the wild I suppose? My daughter has this very odd way of playing her nintendo ds in the mirror, so shes looking at her ds but through the mirror first so everything would be in reverse to us but to her easy peasy, she doesnt like getting changed out her nice warm cozy pajamas and would stay in them all day if she could, all week all year! IF i let her!!

Because she is so intelligent we are not entitled to any educational funding or state care for respite, we care for her night and day, if she had a majic paper called a statement it might be different but its not and tht has meant i have had to work much harder for her, get her the diagnosis the help and the right to an education programme fit for her. Not easy when you come from where I do, and the world looks at her like theres nothing wrong and shes paddling like crazy underneath.

Keep going keep supporting each other find networks build networks and talk endlessly to parents and professionals till you get lucky my daughter wasnt diagnosed till feb2011! and thats not not uncommon here in england. good luck and thinking of you all and my support goes to you all xxx

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Apr 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hello, Caz,

Good luck! You are doing great as a mom. I have a son turning two this july. He is showing signs of autism. Sharing your story is a big encouragement for me not to give up. It is very difficult in the Philippines. Therapies are expensive and putting a child on a special diet is not easy either. But i have to go on. Moms have the hardest work of all. I always say and it makes it really hard if our child requires special attention. However, as moms we see all our children as special and we take care of them as best we could.

Hoping for the best. Regards.

Manila, Philippines

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