Certain materials make me cringe out of control

I don't know what to do anymore, certain materials make me cringe way too much, send shivers all over my body, make my teeth and nails hurt, and sometimes make me cry. I know this sounds over dramatic but i wish it didn't happen. I feel that this is a serious thing and no one acts like it is. The feelings make me want to rip my teeth, fingernails, and toenails out.

A few feelings that make me want to cry:

-paper!!! it's the death of me. Construction paper, the folding and creasing of paper, wooden pencils on paper, napkins! and cardboard! wooden things such as toys, puzzles and kitchen utensils are also very bad.

-clothes! Jeans, suede, khakis

-furniture! there are some materials that make me want to crawl in to a hole and die. The one in my family's living room is terrible and i have to put a blanket over it to sit on it. Even after that, i don't move because the sound of the blanket rubbing against the material is terrible. Even bed sheets can be unbearable on really bad days.

If anyone knows any way that this can be somewhat combated or reduced, please let me know! I'm only 15 and have a whole life of unbearable items ahead of me and I don't want to live this life.

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