Certain Symptoms - Especially Emotional/Social

by Kate H.

I have always suspected that my middle daughter, age 11, has had some type of sensory processing disorder. When she was less than a week old, I noticed that during an incident when she was crying, that when I removed her hat (the soft, newborn kind), she stopped. She also had some difficulty with colic. Over the years, I have noticed that some of her symptoms include:

- Walking on her toes, after I've showed her repeatedly how to walk heel-toe
- Difficulty making eye contact
- Extreme sensitivity to her head/scalp
- Tendency to become very interested, almost fixated on animals and many things science-related
- Great enjoyment of soft things - stuffed animals, fleece apparel, many blankets layered when she sleeps
- Some difficulty in the changing of routines
- Sometimes blunt responses
- Loses track of time - gets lost in books, t.v. programs, etc.

Her vocabulary has always been extensive, and she scores very well on written academic tests. She does well in her subjects in school. My husband, I believe, has some similar touch-related symptoms - he does not like to be touched very often.

I have been reading through the SPD symptoms and am unsure where to go from here. Can anyone provide some insight - it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you immensely!

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