Chewing On Clothing

My son chews on his shirt. It starts when he gets a runny nose, we think, and continues sometimes after his nose is clear. we have tried a weighted vest and it really helps decrease the chewing. I am not sure how much weight should be in the vest and how long it should be worn. Is there a specific guideline to follow ? Thanks for your help.

Teresa, Garrett's mom.


I am first wondering if your son is in OT?? If he is, I am curious why his OT wouldn't have given you this information!? She should be monitoring the use of the weighted vest with your son. If he is NOT in OT, I would suggest he get to one. He really needs to be monitored by a professional if using weight therapeutically. Can you let me know where that stands? If he is/isn't in OT and/or if an OT is monitoring the weighted vest "therapy"? That would really make me feel much better if I knew he was. And, it would really make me concerned if he was and the OT did not give you this information. Lastly, where did your son try the vest out? I would feel so much better if you clarified all of this for me, ok?

Until then, here is some GENERAL information about the amount of weight to use in a weighted vest. But, it really NEEDS to be tailored to your son's specific needs, by a professional, ok?

For information purposes only...

Depending who you talk to you may hear different answers. However, 10% of the child's weight is a "general rule". For example, if the child weighs 60 lbs., his vest would weigh about 6 lbs. Some will tolerate more, some less, and this must be decided upon through careful history, observation, and monitoring by an OT.

Also, opinions vary on how long a weighted vest can/should be worn. Again, please check with HIS OT on this. (a leading authority for OT's) states:
"Although there have been guidelines established for how much weight to use, how long, and how often, it is a very individual process. Human beings are very dynamic and what works for one person may or may not necessarily work for another. It is important to work with each person and help them determine what helps and how much intensity is most beneficial during different states over time."

THIS is all the information I can "ethically" share with you, as far as how long to wear it. Again, I direct you to an OT if you will be using any weighted products therapeutically (haha, do you think I stressed THAT enough??)

I look forward to hear more about your situation and any OT involvement, etc. I want to make sure your son is getting the best help possible. You can let me know below in the comments box, ok?

Oh, one more thing... other things that may help are heavy work activities and "chewelry".

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Nov 17, 2016
Drastic action
by: Stuart

Hi, my sister is severely dialed and chews through her tops on an almost daily basis. She has a chromosome deficit disorder and SPD is hypotensive to taste and demonstrates very little pattern in chewing behaviour...

her room is now full of chewelry and believe me the strategies behind which colour, and type, how often and in what circumstance she is given chewelry habe ask been explored.. consistently... over along period of time. It has gotten got to the point where i am losing hope for her to ever so this behaviour, so much so that i have thought about the false economy of buying hundreds of shirts a year and am thinking about making lightweight tops from a kevlar type material .. dies anyone know if there is any other company that produces such apparel that would suit a disabled girl, instead of a just a motorcyclist?

Aug 25, 2011
Chewing on glasses ear pieces
by: Anonymous

What do you do when your child chews the plastic ear pieces right down to the metal in one day? My son has SPD and Autism and ADD with a side of OCD...yes he sees OT at school and has an IEP..I just want some answers before I go into school. He has chew toys at his desk and cant have erasers or metal on his pencils because of this problem. He has been in school 4 days and has only worn his glasses a month. I just want suggestions if any please...thank you.

May 17, 2011
my son chews too
by: Anonymous

I bought my son chewlry and he has stopped chewing on his shirt. He would chew holes in his shirts before. I ordered the chewlry online you can google it.

Sep 23, 2009
Sons chews on clothes/water bottles
by: Lisa


My five year old son has been chewing on the collars of his shirts for a few months now. We cannot figure out why he is doing this. He will also chew on water bottles until he chews a hole in them. He also chews holes in his shirts. I have checked out the information on SID, autism, ADD/ADHD and he does not show any signs or symptoms of having any of those disorders. Also, his upper teeth have been ground down somehow and even the dentist can't figure out how because there is no wear on his bottom teeth from grinding teeth together. He is the youngest of three boys and we have the standard household with mom and dad and a normal life. Can someone please give me some help on what I should do? Thank you very much.

Lisa, Seth, Ty and Austin's mom

May 10, 2009
My son chews on his shirt as well...
by: Stephanie

My son has been chewing on his shirt for about4 months now. I can't figure out why he's doing it. At first, I thought it was because his adult teeth were coming in, causing him pain (he is 7 years old). Because he has yet to get adult teeth, I am rethinking my theory. I need some answers why me might be doing this.

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