Child anxiety

by taniya

My daughter is 4 years old she is really afraid of loud noise which make us to leave that place and she asks before going to restaurant or else where for loud noises, or loud music’s, is that normal? What should we do?

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Jan 13, 2012
sensitive to sounds
by: Allison

I can understand your predicament. I have been there myself.

My son was extremely sensitive to sounds as a young baby/toddler. I can remember racing out of dolfine shows with an uncontrollable screaming 3 year old just at the second the loud music started. I can't remember how many play parties, I had to just turn around and leave because of his screaming (too many kids, too loud). The worst is that I had no idea why. It puzzled me to no end that every single morning he would wake up crying. He had so many difficulties, that I was wondering what was normal, and what not. Had I have known of the existence of SPD, I would have tried to keep his environment more peaceful.

Now he is 7, and he can see dolfine shows, go to kids parties, see movies. His tolerance has improved, but we limit the outings. He still can't have too much, and at the end of the day breakdown. He is getting better to leave activities that overloads him(this is the true benefit with age). However, our lives have been truly altered by SPD, and we have learned to accept that our son will always have issues with noise sensitivity. (he even claims it is too loud to play in the garden, because the birds sing too loud).

Good luck, I know it is tough, and I wish I had more support during this time--so don't stop the loud fun stuff.. but perhaps go there without your child, so that you both can get what you need to be happy.. you some life, and your child a peaceful safe quiet place somewhere far from the noise.

Jan 01, 2012
What about ear phones!
by: Sarah

I'm assuming that you've already been to the pediatrician to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with her ears/hearing...

Other than that have you tried hearing protection? How about a pair of those big "earphones" that most others would wear to protect against loud sounds like construction or shooting. That's exactly what you'd be doing...protecting her ears against noises that she feels are too loud and causing her distress.
I have seen other kids using these in school and it really helps them a lot.

You'd look in the sporting goods/hunting section most likely, and they are not very expensive. I think there are also "sound cancelling" earphones in the audio section, but they'd be a lot more expensive and hard for her to handle/carry around.

They may look a bit funny, but really, who cares if it helps her feel more comfortable and happy!!? If it really helps her I bet she would LIKE wearing them, especially if you give them a cool name she would enjoy...princess, superhero, or magic something, whatever she would think is cool...decorate them with stickers or make a soft cover for them that she likes. I think they even make them in pink if you look around.

Just a thought for you! I hope it helps! Best wishes.

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