Child I know

by Mikhail

I am wondering if a child i know has SPD who is around 8 or 9. He shys away from loud noises and sudden sporadic movement. He only lets his mother touch him for longer than a few seconds and actually lets her hold him for hours at a time. He avoids most eye contact unless his mother is upset when he looks at her as if he were much older and a normal child. I have never seen him upset, in fact he always seems as if he is in some frame of mind that keeps him calm most of the time unless he seems a little frustrated or irritable.

His voice is usually soft and quiet when he does talk which is mostly when he is alone with his mother or when there is very little noise or movement around him. He does not tend to self sooth with rocking, repetitive motions or speech and when he is upset he either stares down whatever he is upset with or grabs a book and walks away to a hidden corner and starts reading. Other than these symptoms people would think he was just a shy kid who doesn't know how to make friends and does he best to be a "good boy". Can anyone help me? I think the mother would be grateful to know if this is what her son has.

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