Child is very possessive of his things

by Melissa

My son who is 6 has SPD and is very possessive about his things. He's upset right now with an aide at his school who he says has thrown away his things multiple times. He is okay with the other teaching staff. Is this something that is common with SPD kids.

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May 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

yes i think it can be common for children with spd to be protective and controlling of things. he may be looking at it with different eyes as well. like hey i worked so hard on that and now you're going to throw it away. or maybe it's wanting to have control. it's a combination for my son. we have implemented 'recycling' day at our house for homework papers that do not need to be saved. we've checked out books on recycling and talked about how it works, etc and even taken a family field trip to the landfill. he loves to recycle now and throwing away 'his' homework papers is fun now and not an issue. :)

Feb 24, 2011
school projects/homework
by: Julie

My son is 6 with SPD and he gets really upset when I throw away his homework. He wants to keep all of it forever. I am not sure if this is common among all SPD kids but it applies in our situation. We keep all of his homework/school projects and then give them to Grandma every month or so. This seems to make him happy.

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