Child Repeating Sentence

by Liz
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My 3 year old son had a febrile seizure when age 1, raised tel mp. due to unidentified upper respiratory infection, and he was a preemie.

So far no continuing problems until, yesterday. We live in a quiet town, lots of woods interacting, very low stimulation environment. Yesterday went into city for baby brothers shots and to "the mall" afterwards to play in play center.

Thomas may also have been a bit dehydrated and overheated. He was getting into nap time and we did not get out of the mall soon enough, I could see him getting "overloaded" that is cranky and irritable. This is a boy I have not seen tantrum other than mild before nap.

Anyway Thomas had a meltdown like I have never seen, crying fit, hit me, screaming. I asked him if he wanted a "cold drink" and he announced "I don't want a cold drink" and REPEATED this for 15 minutes until we got to the car where I could nurse him, take off his clothes to cool him down.

The repeating was very disturbing, I have never seen anything like this.

Can this be a symptom of SPS?

I would appreciate any feedback,


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Oct 15, 2010

behavior that was your child, you also happened to mine, was the first in which
followed atypical behaviors, whose diagnosis is PDD-nos. observe your child if new problems appear.

Oct 15, 2010
Just Tired
by: bralcars

Wow, I'm glad you stumbled on this web site so quickly to try to identify your little boys behavior. If, as you say, he has never before shown other signs of any characteristics, my unprofessional, but experienced (have an 11 yr. old & several friends with autistic children w/SPD) answer is a definite no.

The situation you described, with several outings, overtired, and you were probably stressed because of just wanting to get home after all your running. Would probably place 90% of children in his same type of "meltdown" mode.

If you see that this goes on, or other uncharacteristic traits, don't hesitate to talk with his pediatrician, only you know your son & if you aren't feeling comfortable with things, take him in for testing.

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