Child Seeking Joint Compression

by Maureen
(Loveland, CO USA)

My daughter is almost 4. She receives speech therapy in school and they referred us to an outside therapist for extra practice. The therapist doing the evaluation gave me a sensory profile to fill out for her, which I did with her teachers during a conference. She is going to an OT eval next week. She seems to be seeking joint compression, she lies on the floor on her back and pushes the couch cushions up and off (driving her father crazy). The TV stand has doors that she pushes against to open and close, sits on the floor and pushes an old steamer trunk around with her legs and then will stand and push with arms.

My question is "Are there other activities I can do with her to help get the input she seems to be seeking?" I am going to talk to the OT about it, but that is not until next week. If you have ideas or have a child with the same problems, I'd like to hear from you. Thanks so much.

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Mar 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

my granson was diagnosed at 18 months with spd...we immmediately entered him into many programs and then individualized therapy at a wonderful center...he entered head start as the youngest kid in was difficult at times the kicking and screaminmg getting him out of the car in the am school session....after 2 yrs of constant attenion and lots of love he is suggestion as we did for compression is huggs....just a increases the endorphins, it compresses the joints, it is a euphoric feeling for them...just a simple squeeze lots throughout the day... it does take patience, he likes to play, but we now are into the learning let the squabbling begin...they are lovely adorable very lovable children....they just take more attention, lots of patience but dont worry they will amaze you!!!!!!

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