Christa knox

by Christa
(Pennsylvania )

I have a 3 year old who i have had several problems with since birth. After reading stories from others with children diagnosed with spd i think i have found what is wrong with my little girl.. i went through spd checklist and she has almost all symptoms relating to hypersensitivity to each area. Also has every symptom with regard to internal regulation. Now what do i do?

I need to get her help she does not sleep, will not wear clothes, horrible tantrums, at first i thought she had ocd with all the fussiness to clothes sounds foods lights playing the same thing over and over for hours. Now i realize what is really wrong. Thank you all for the insight unto this disorder.

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Nov 15, 2012
providing parent OT
by: Janice

I remember having the same issues with my son at 3, and not finding out until he was 7 what the issue were. Once we had occupational therapy at school,and then once a week in a therapists office we began to see him in a happy state more than an upset state of mind. I learned several OT techniques to do at home, and wish that I had done them when he was three years old. When we do large muscle group exercises and resistant exercises he immediately calms down. I learned outside of the OT office how to "stretch" the arm muscles and leg muscles in a massage technique as well and that helps him go to sleep almost immediately. I would suggest that you have him run up the stairs, jump up and down (a small trampoline with a bar to hold on to is awesome for his age) - all this before you go out of the house or to school just to get started. Just some ideas from our own experiences. All the best.

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