Clothes drive me Crazy

by Julie

All my life clothes have itched, pinched, squeezed, and hurt! Shirt collars rub incessantly and necklines higher than my collarbone make me feel like I'm choking. Don't even get me started about panty hose or bras!

Pants have to fit just right in certain places or I can't stand it. Even on the coldest days I can't wear hats or scarves. The squeezing sensation drives me up a wall. When I find something that I can wear it will be used until its in pieces.

Shopping for clothes is not fun for me. A root canal would be more enjoyable. No one wants to shop with me! It would be great not to have to wear the same 3 pairs of pants and 4 shirts that I'm down too.

Anyone else out there with the same issues?

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Jan 22, 2020
Me too! :(
by: AngelH

Julie, I have the same problem/challenge with clothing. All my shirts have to be scoop-neck (front and back) because if anything gets close to my neck (even at collar bone level), I feel like I'm being choked and I will actually start gagging, hacking and eventually vomit if I don't immediately remove the clothing item. This means I'm unable to wear most clothing, so shopping/dressing is a challenge.

I can't wear shirts with collars (polo or button-up) or even a simple t-shirt (since most are crew neck) and it's an additional challenge to find winter clothing with big necklines.

I also can't wear scarves, close-fitting jackets/coats, or any kind of hat/helmet with a strap. If anything touches my skin between my chin and mid-chest, it's all triggered. I even have to be careful about how I sleep (how my pillow touches my neck) and the length of my hair (having my hair touch my neck will also trigger).
My super-sensitive skin makes everyday life challenging. I have to use 100% cotton sheets that have been washed several times, otherwise, it feels like gravel.

I'm praying for a cure/healing!

Aug 08, 2018
by: Eleonora

Julie, I don't know how many years ago you posted this comment, but I suffer from the exact same symptoms! Hope you're going to see my message!

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